Popular Photo Friday

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LIke most people, I find looking at all the stats on my photo views and website views pretty interesting. So, this morning, I thought I’d share something that popped up to the top of the views for the last week.

I find this interesting because this isn’t one of the photos that I would have pointed to and said, “That’s a great shot!”. It’s interesting because you can see an abnormal interaction but other than that, its got too much space off to the left, the horizon is too high and I cut off the top of that hill in the background. All those problems and it got a lot more views than any other photo of mine on SmugMug this week.

I’m guessing this shows two things. The Internet collective as a whole loves seeing great photos but sometimes something interesting or different wins out. Or, maybe a large group of friends were making fun of the photo! Either way, I’m happy I could provide something for people to look at and maybe wonder a bit at what was really going on.

As far as what was really going on in the photo, my wife and I were taking a night cruise out along the coast of St. Lucia. It was a great party boat; loud music, rum punch, hors d’oeuvres. We had a great time. As we were sailing out, we could see this guy flying towards us at high speed in his small boat. As he got towards us, he slowed down and stopped next to us and had a conversation with the captain of our boat. They had a good talk and then he zoomed off back towards the dock we came from. It’s a pretty small island and every one seems to know everyone else but it was still odd for us to see this happen as its so far outside what we are used to!