Heavy Seas

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My wife and I headed north this afternoon to Halethorpe, Maryland to check out the yearly Heavy Seas Beer and BBQ event at their brewery. We had a great time last year and I was excited to go again. They had a great selection of rare beers both on CO2 and cask and had some great, great food. There was even a place to stand outside where we could get a litte sun.

Just because I knew this was coming and I didn’t want to bring my big ol’ DSLR, I rented a Fuji X100 for the weekend. Like many have mentioned, it definitely has some focusing issues as we handed it over to a stranger to take our picture and it chose to focus on the thing way above us and I had general problems getting what I wanted in focus. Overall though, it takes really great, really sharp pictures. I could see getting used to carrying such a powerful camera around when I didn’t want to carry the Nikon.

While I was stuffing my face full of barbecue I was standing underneath one of their large fermenters where they had set up tables. There was a great skylight above it and the light fell down in an interesting way. I grabbed the camera (after wiping my hands, of course!) and took this shot. I processed in Lightroom and used some Nik plugins to enhance.