Golden Gate At Night

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I had to be in Los Angeles for a week for work so I decided to take a short detour and visit my native California for the weekend. My Dad and I went up to Point Reyes and hiked the huge amount of stairs at the lighthouse (308!), had a great lunch, and overall had a great day. On the way back to the South Bay, I stopped on the Marin side of the Golden Gate Bridge and set up for this shot.

As I arrived at the small parking area, I was amazed to see about 25 photographers and their tripods all set up as night fell. It seemed there was a class going on. I carved out a small space for myself and spent the next hour completely immersed in taking photos, switching lenses, trying out filters, etc. I had an absolute blast. When I had decided I had taken enough (and realized I was really hungry!) I drove on down the road, across that great bridge, and towards the south.