Back from the UK (or My Transportation Post)

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In early May, my wife and I took a long planned trip to the Speyside region of Scotland for the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival that they have every year. As we were making the trip all the way over there, we decided that we should take a few days in Edinburgh and London as well. I had intended to put up a few good snapshots from the trip but this ended up being a transportation post!


Our conveyance to London. This was a great flight. We left at 6:00PM and arrived into London at about 7AM. Didn’t really get a whole lot of sleep but we had some insane leg room so at least I felt pretty rested upon arrival. Also, 7AM seems to be a great time to get into Heathrow. There was no one in line through the entire customs process!


Our car in Scotland. That Audi on the left. We picked something cheaper but got upgraded because I wanted an automatic. I really, really enjoyed driving that car!


We decided to take the train from Edinburgh to London and that was just a great idea. Opting for First Class was even that much better of an idea; it was only a little bit more! As we sped through the countryside, we were offered food and refreshments. I decided something truly British was definitely in order.



Sadly, we had to come back home. This was our plane shortly after landing at Dulles. The A340 is a great plane; very comfortable and the Virgin Atlantic service on-board was fantastic.

I’ve got over 1200 photos from the trip. I’ll try to find the few good ones I took and start posting those soon!