Clock Tower in London

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As soon as we arrived in London, we set out while the light was still good. The Sun had broken through the clouds this day and after being in the wind and rain for several days, it was a welcome sight. As we rounded the corner, this iconic landmark swung into view. As there was so much between me and the tower, I zoomed in and grabbed this shot excluding what was below but showing a much simpler scene than one normally sees here.


It may be a bit cliche of a shot but I find I really like this one. I think the blue is a good contrast to the gold of the tower and the dynamic clouds set everything on their own plane. I would have liked a little more headroom above the tower but I think it works out alright as its such a small spire at the top. I personally think this would be a great shot for some travel or airline marketing but, maybe I’m biased!