Downtown Singapore and Merlion

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(c) 2015 Andy Tomasello

Pond at the Batu Caves

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On a trip to Oregon, we took a little walk through the forest next to a river. It was a pretty developed area but mostly covered in ivy and such. Along our walk, we came ¬†upon this tool shed nestled in the trees, which seemed intriguing. What’s inside and when was the last time someone visited? The cool November air, the fallen leaves, the waterfalls, and the rain starting all contributed to the mood. I tried to pass this across in the post-processing by using some filters to make it look slightly washed out and far away.

Beer and Cheese

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Last night, my wife and I attended a Cowgirl Creamery Beer and Cheese pairing class at LivingSocial’s new 918 F St building. It was a great Valentine’s Day gift that she got me. She really does know me well!

They had about five different cheeses and two meats paired with four different beers and one cider. It was a really educational experience and Adam from Cowgirl Creamery really knew his stuff and it was obvious he’s really into all things cheese.

As far as the new 918 F Street location, it’s a really smart move for LivingSocial. It’s a great shift towards entertainment from just the deals model and I’m happy to see that it seems to be doing pretty well so far. We’re looking forward to attending many more events there. I hope they are all as good! Next up? The LivingSocial BeerFest in DC in April!

Just after we sat down, I pulled out the little iPhone lens my wife got me for my birthday. It’s a wide-angle lens from PhotoJojo. It works surprisingly well and let me get this shot using the excellent Camera Awesome from SmugMug!