New York City discovered!

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new york city instagram

So, I’ve lived in the Washington, DC area since 2005. Before June of this year, I’d never been to New York City. Yeah, I know. It’s close and easy to get to. It just always seemed like something I could do later. Plus, in a city that size, how do you decide what to do first? Anyway, I got to go up to NYC for work and when I was there, I surveyed the landscape from a window in our offices. I had a good time up there! Yes, it is a great city!

At the baseball game

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My wife and I went to see the Washington Nationals play the San Francisco Giants last week. It was really hot – over 100 degrees – but I still wanted to go. I grew up in the Bay Area in California not really getting too much into sports. Then I was an A’s fan for a time and at some point in the distant past, became a Giants fan. So, I like to go every season now that the Nationals have a series against them each year.

Nationals Park is always a good time. They’ve got really great food, a cool park to walk around, and they don’t seem to mind too much about photography unless you grab that 500mm lens! We got some pretty decent seats for the game and I wanted to take a few photos. I’m always wanting to get that early 1900s-style baseball photo. This is my attempt at doing something like that! It’s a shot from Instagram which is something I’ve been getting into more and more lately.

SAVOR Instagram

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SAVOR Week in DC is this week! It’s a great week for beer and food. My wife and I were out at the Sierra Nevada tap takeover at the excellent Westover Beer Garden and Haus. If you live in the Northern Virginia area, you have to check the place out. They’ve got pretty good food, fantastic selection of beer, and if the weather is nice outside, you can sit out in their garden. If not, the new Haus is great.

I’ve really been getting into Instagram lately. I have to admit; I really didn’t get it before. I get it now. A lot of fun! It’s so simple just to grab the phone and take a fun picture. I’m also finding that since I always have my phone, I’m capturing the more interesting things around my own area that I’ve always wanted to. Sometimes, just showing what’s going on in life is just as interesting as those dramatic vistas.

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